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Welcome to AdorableAussies.com!

We raise Toy, Tiny-Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds of all colors on a farm in Okeechobee, FL. Our dogs have lots of room to run & play, and a big pond to swim in. Each & every one of our pups are guaranteed to be happy, healthy and well socialized!

Aussies are among the most intelligent, easy to train and eager to please breeds you can find. They are highly regarded for their skills in obedience. Like all working breeds, Aussies have energy and drive, so they usually need a job to do. Of course, they are just as happy curled up beside you for some R & R. They often excel at dog sports including agility, flyball & frisbee, and they are also highly successful search & rescue dogs, detection dogs, guide, service and therapy dogs. Above all, they make wonderful family companions!

We love to talk about our Aussies!

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These are the girls. They rule the roost around here.

This pic shows all 3 sizes- Toy, Tiny-Toy & Mini Aussies.